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Analogy: a study of Qualification and Argument in Theology (бук.)

Автор: W.D.Hudson

Вид-во: St.Martin's Press

Мова: укр.

Формат: Обкл. тверда. – Форм. 140х222 мм; 186 стор.

Рік видання: 1973

Букіністична книга


PHILOSOPHERS of religion have concerned themselves for a long time with logical problems arising from the use of analogy. Within many systems of belief the View has prevailed that God can only be spoken about analogically and philosophers have asked themselves both what precisely it means to hold this View and what follows concerning religious lan- guage once it is accepted. ' In particular, there is the problem of the nature and extent of the price which has to be paid when language is used analogically. Is it so high a price that the things said of God become unintelligible; or is it simply that we cannot draw inferences from them in the way that we might if they were said of man? Dr. Palmer’s View is that God can be talked about but not argued about. He supports it in this monograph by an original and interesting analysis which, though it deals with the profoundest matters, does so with a light and lucid touch. His book will interest professional philosophers, but will be found readable and thought-provoking by all who have an interest in religion.

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