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/Becoming Human. An Invitation to Christian ethics (бук.)


Автор: William E.May

Изд-во: Pflaum Publishing

Язык: англ.

Формат: Обл. мягк. – Форм. 135х203 мм; 147 стр.

Год издания: 1975

Букинистическая книга

Some words, observes Herbert McCabe in his beautiful What Is Ethics All About?, are “growing” words. That is, they point to realities of such rich- ness, such depth, that they are almost inexhaustible in their intelligibility and meaning. Among these is the word “human.” What does it mean to be a human being? No one, of course, can give a definitive, final answer to this question. But the inability to do so does not mean that the word is vague or indefinite in meaning. We can certainly say what it does not mean, and we know in part what it does mean. We are continually growing in our understanding and appreciation of its meaning.

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