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Man and Society. An Introduction to Social Science (бук.)

Автор: edited by Jerome G. Manis, Samuel I. Clark

Изд-во: The MacMillan Company 

Язык: англ.

Формат: Обл. твёрд. – Форм. 180х260 мм; 784 стр.

Год издания: 1960

Букинистическая книга

The content of this book concerns the breadth of all social science - why men behave the way they do, why society functions the way it does. It is concerned with the problems of war and peace, love and hate, work and thought. It raises the questions: why men differ and why they live together, why men hate and why men work, why some men lead and others are led. It is concerned with men's society, the groups in society, how order is maintained and benefits are distributed. In short, the book is concerned with the basic questions and the many answers about man and society.

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