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Moral Action (бук.)

Автор: Robert Sokolowski

Изд-во: Indiana University Press

Язык: англ.

Формат: Обл. твёрд. – Форм. 160х245 мм; 224 стр.

Год издания: 1985

Букинистическая книга

THERE Is, as Aristotle tells us‘, a difference in scale between making a discovery and developing a discovery made by someone else. Developing the insight may take on the form of a very large project; it may involve many people and show definite stages of advancement. In contrast, the discovery itself usually looks small at first. It is also hard to see: because it is a beginning, it occurs in a setting in which everything else remains the same as it was before the discovery was made. Only one small change, the discovery, occurs. But once the beginning has been made, it exercises a strong influence on what surrounds it. It has an effect on the rest, it transforms its context. And the discovery makes things easier for others, for those whose task it is to develop the insights they inherit. It makes it easy for them to draw out implications and to apply the discovery to areas that can be illuminated by it. Edmund Husserl made a philosophical discovery in his understanding of the intentionality of consciousness. It may seem to have been a small thing indeed—what could be more trivial to declare than that conscious- ness is always consciousness of something?—but it has exercised a con- siderable effect on a large part of the philosophical world. It has established the phenomenological movement and has influenced existen- tialism, structuralism, and hermeneutics. However, even now this dis— covery of intentionality, “very small in size,” is “very hard to see.” Although intentionality has been developed in such now-familiar philosophical themes as the human way of being in the world, intersubjec- tivity, temporality, and historicity, the core of the doctrine of intentional- ity as it was discovered by Husserl has been left relatively unexploited.

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