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/Politics: realism and imagination (бук.)


Автор: Michel Novak

Изд-во: Herder and Herder

Язык: англ.

Формат: Обл. мягк. – Форм. 137х203 мм; 162 стр.

Год издания: 1971

Букинистическая книга

The lifeblood of English and American philosophy has for Centuries been its involvement With the daily life of ordinary peeple, its preference for ordinary language, its insistence upon verification in the concrete contexts of daily life. Contrast the abstractness of Continental, especially German, speculation. It is not surprising, then, that readers have responded with per- ception and critical acumen to A Theology for Radical Politim. Above all, I appreciate their quickness to grasp its central point: that the location of theology is not in the conceptual mind only, but in the imagination, the passions, the body, and the social reality in which and through which the person makes his real assents

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