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The Reader and The Writer. Essays, sketches, memories (бук.)

Автор: Christa Wolf

Изд-во: International Publishers

Язык: рус.

Формат: Обл. мягк. – Форм. 115х190 мм; 224 стр.

Год издания: 1977

Букинистическая книга


The Reader and The Writer consists of a number of essays and prose pieces by a leading writer of the German Democratic Rebublic and a concluding portrait of the author by biogeneticist, Hans Stubbe. "Writing, - says Christa Wolf in the title essay, - is only one operation in a more complex process to which we give the splendid name of living". Her concern for literature's function within the context of life is a theme that runs through all her pieces. Whether she is describing the simple heroism of people she has encountered of reminiscences of a darker past or a visit to a biogeneticist at his research center her sense of vitality, honest quest for answers and warmth of personality are always present. Essays on other writers include those on Bertolt Brecht, Vera Inber, Ingeborg Bachmann, Fred Wander and Anna Seghers who come alive first as people and as writers whose works express the profound commitment of their lives.

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